High Carb Craving

After being hospitalized for 4 days because of gastric, I regain my appetite. This time I'm craving for high carb..yes people...as low carb dieter I'm craving for high carb and spicy foods. When I got home from work I had french fries with melted cheese on top..HOW DELICIOUS! To justify it...well I'm on recovery ( heheheeh ). Going to the gym tomorrow though, let's get back to the old routine..but tonight let me crave for the carbs.

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The Fitness Diva said...

OMG, can I tell you that french fries with melted mozzarella on top was one of my addictions? There's a diner by me that makes the best ones. I had t sit myself down and give myself a good talking to to make me stop it!

Hope your recovery goes well!

Watch out for those carbs! ;)