Gym Ethics : Are you familiar with them?

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You have decided that going to the gym is part of your life and we have seen more and more people sign up to become a member. But are you familiar with rules? They might not written on the wall but these are you should follow when you workout.

Wipe Down
Some gyms provide towels as part of the service some don’t. If your gym does not provide towel, please ALWAYS bring your own towel. It is nothing worse than lying on a bench, sweaty from the previous user. Use your towel to wipe your sweat away and don’t forget to wipe out the bench or any fitness equipment after you use it.

No Grunting Please
Grunting is something unnecessary and does not sound cool. I have seen many men doing it, and frankly speaking, it is annoying to hear. When you lift heavy weights, stay on breathing properly, you might be exhaling when you muscles contracted and you do it loudly, that is acceptable. But no grunting, screaming or moaning!

Dropping Weights
This is still related with grunting as you drop the weights, the weights can make loud noise when you drop them. If you are not careful you might drop them on somebody’s else foot! There is better way to do it, place them on the ground quitely even if you can’t bend down.

Put the Weights Back
Finish with your sets and reps? Do always remember to them back. I have noticed that some people just leave the weights lying on the floor. Light weights are quite easy to put back, ( and I don’t really mind to put them back into the racks )but how about those big and heavy plates? Have responsibility after you use them.

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