GymWalking : Celebrity Fitness FX part 3

Alia + Everton
Went to FX today after absent for almost a week, spent more time at Pondok Indah Mall. The result a happy big smile after Latin Dance class...oh yeah..I found new love on this instructor, Everton Torres. Not of physical appearance but more to the way he teaches...He's the most most cheerful and energetic instructor I've ever seen! Look at his face! He always smiles, happy, "bouncy" and he plays really happy music. When I joined his Global Dance, I was almost died but looking at him and smiling my spirit raised again! And today, I was sulky, a bit sad ( you life ) and he played that music and started smiling...wheww...Salsa all the way! He's quite bulky and I was hesitated if he could dance..but wow...he CAN DANCE! I mean he can shake his booty but still very manly.
Boy, I had fun one could tell if I just brokenhearted. So..if you want to put a big smile on your face..pack up your bag and head to the gym or sign up to your nearest gym.

Hmm...this is my sweet and favorite spot in the Celebrity fitness FX, sort of my sanctuary. No interruption from bulky men ( they can be found in free weight area ) who often grunting and dropping weights.Thanks to my personal trainer who taught me how to use this machine.


The Fitness Diva said...

"I mean he can shake his booty but still very manly."

Yes, this is important! A man must still be able to look quite masculine while moving those hips! :D

I am glad you so enjoyed your Salsa class. Latin dance classes are SO much fun! :)

Suddenly slimmer said...

Very many straight men in this world can actually dance?

Classysabrina said...

I am glad that someone shared my passion toward the Celebrity Fitness...especially the FX Club... the staff and instructors are fantastic...I have the same experiences as you did...the heart matters that makes you down and all...but it was gone the minute you join their classes... they are awesome isn't it ?...guess we owe them, right ?

And this person, Everton, you are right... he is fun, friendly and inspriring... caring too... but I heard he is leaving the company.. a sad news.... can we do something to keep him...????