Why Your Diet Fail

Learn these mistakes while you are dieting :

Never say never : So you've decided to diet and you swear to yourself that you will never ever again eat chocolate, sodas, pizza or cake. From what I experienced, that is the beginning of your failure. Because the more you swear the more the urge to eat those foods or drink. Instead of swearing or promising yourself never eat those fatty and favorite foods, why don't you promise yourself to eat moderately and reasonably.

Binges : This common mistake happen when you often skipping meals and still related with swearing that you will never eat those kinds of food again.

No purpose : Before you begin your diet,set a clear purpose why you want to diet. Once you have it, you are on your way to successful diet.

Lack of Patience : I keep saying over and over, dieting is not just a quick fix and is not a race of losing weight. It's about changing your eating habit for better health. So have a little patience, you will get use to it.

Unrealistic goals : Most people ( even happened to me ) want to lose weight quickly and end up by setting unrealistic goals say you want to lose 3kg in one week. Just set short term goal with more realist result. When you achieve, set another short term goal and so on until you reach the recommended weight.

Wrong diet : There are many diets in this world, even me create my own diet. Every diet promises weight loss. So which one you have to follow? You might want to see my post "Choosing The Right Diet". Everyone is different, everyone has different activity, different metabolism and different preference. What you have to do is listen to yourself. Take your time selecting diet that suits your lifestyle, your goals and your fitness.

No exercise : Diet and exercise is a soul mate, it is like Lois Lane and Superman, Batman and Robin etc. If you want to lose weight diet alone won't work, you need to stay active to burn the extra fats. Even if you just exercise without proper diet, don't be surprise if your scale doesn't go to the right.


livinglife101 said...

Very true..there is a great deal of planning and assessment that involve in goign about your diet. the process that you outlien is very realistic and doable.

Looking forward for more of your post.


carla said...

amazing how muber 3 is even more detrimental than number 4 huh?