Before Bed Blab

*this is not my bed, but even fitness chick can have her dream bed right?*
Hmmm...back to work again tomorrow. Back preparing my lunches, back to my students and back leave work early to catch the classes. Luckily, I managed to go to the gym and had Body Combat. Tomorrow, ( although, it's going to be a long ride from work and going back home wish......... ) I am going to try this new class at FX called MTV Style should be interesting to end the evening. My personal trainer is not happy with this. But I can always justify it that I need to dance! I love dancing and I was "born" in aerobic class.

Perhaps I should complain more because the branch in Pondok Indah Mall ( very strategic from work and home ) is lacking with "happy" classes and top instructors. They transfer the top instructors to FX ( not quite beneficial for me ) and place my Salsa Guru as manager there. Missed the moments when they have just opened.

I have no idea why I am still willing chase him all the way to FX (*sigh* things you do for love ).

Many ideas to write, let's see if I can write some for my blog during my break.

Well off to bed now...blabbing too much...

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