New Gym Branch

Went to this new VIP gym today which located in the newest mall called FX in Jalan Sudirman.'s very very good and awesome. Was like amazed when I entered it, very different than other Celebrity Fitness branches. Eye popping jaw dropping ( yeah..I am a bit exageratting here ).

You will not feel that you are in the gym. Although you feel that you are in the gym, it's very very posh. The layout reminds me of mid-eastern architecture. Touch screen cardio equipments and machines, spacious free weight area ( too bad I could not find the ab crunch machine (*hiks*).BUT..they do have TREADWALL. It's like wall climbing inside the gym. This thing will definitely make you sweat even if you are climbing for 5 minutes.

If you are a yoga person, you will die and wake up in heaven. Im not a yoga babe but when I entered and joined the sensation was amazing, very relaxing and comfy. Cant wait for another yoga class.

Took two pics but only the locker room with digital lock and the upper left picture is the manager ( who is my all time favorite instructor and my Salsa Guru ) . Sauna and steam room are smaller than the one in Pondok Indah Mall.
Next time I'll show you the amazing Treadwall and the yoga studio room.

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