Healthy Grocery

After two weeks of holiday and little drama in life . Today is the right time to bring my old low carb habit back. Planned to go to the gym today but I feel so tired ( have bee exercising for 4 days in a row ). Instead I went to hypermart near my house and do grocery. The weather was nice and not too hot like usual so I decided to walk.

I thought of munching today and ice cream will be nice. Thank God, I could resist the temptation. So I bought plain youghurt and fresh strawberries ( at least I reduce 70% of sugar ) For snacking, from chips I switch to boiled edame ( japanesse soy bean ).

Bought food stocks as well for work : avocado, pears, brocolli, beef and oysters.

I think Im set for work..although to be honest it's back to the routine..chasing bus,waking up early and work...

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Mervy said...

Don't know if I would have picked boiled edamame over chips :) I have been trying to do a lot of the same things - make better choices. Most of the time - I do well, sometimes, I don't. Keep up the gym work - I think that makes all the difference.