Do Women Need Weight Training ?

Yeap. Men and women need to do weight training. Most women are only focusing to cardiovascular exercise such as aerobic,cycling and running which believed to lose fat.

To lose fat you can't just rely on the aerobic classes, weight training help us to build muscle muscle and strengthened our muscle. By having more muscle mass, your body easily burn fat which leads to weight loss. You must remember muscle is heavier than fat, so the scale might says you are heavier whilst you feel thinner.

Weight training helps your body become leaner, increase your bone density and minimized the risk for osteoporosis.

Another benefit of weight training is you can trim and create illusion of your body. You can have your buttocks pumped with squats or cable kickback. Eliminate your flabby arms with many exercises like tricep extension.

There are so many varieties for weight training. If you have extra money, do hire a personal trainer for better result.


carla said...


stop by tomorrow for a weight training video and THANK YOU for visiting today!


The Fitness Diva said...

Looking good in those pics!
Yes, you must do IT ALL!
Weight training and the cardio.
When will women stop being afraid of the weights? STOP it, already! ;)

Miss Melinda said...

Of course women need to weight train! Good post! :)

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