Low Carb Diet vs Low Fat Diet

In the term of the way to lose weight and nutrition , not everyone shares the same opinion. The old fashioned view is the diet should be low fat and high in carb. Fat, as we are told makes us fat, by eating less of it is the sure way to keep lean and healthy and we need carb as main fuel for daily activities.
These days to cater the demand of low fat diet, manufacturers now producing many items that can be advertised as low fat. Trouble is, when you look at the label you will find different types of sugars and rich in carbs

Personally speaking, I’m more comfortable with low carb diet although I’m not a follower of any popular low carb diets that already exist. I invented my own low carb diet by combining all the popular low carb diets.

My conclusion :
We all have different dietary requirements and the right balance between protein, fat and carbohydrate can vary from different people. For both plans ( either low carb or low fat ) you should make sensible choices. My own golden rules in dieting are : avoid junk foods, processed foods, limit sugar, don’t do any extreme diet, go natural and exercise.

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