Week 2 - Muffin Top Challenge ( My Confession )

As I'm entering the week 2 for muffin top challenge, the challenge itself become tougher. And it's getting tougher to cut the carbs while you're on PMS. The urge to munch and eat a lot is increased. The body is bloating and nothing I feel beside feeling exhausted all the time.

Today,I cheated ( Yes..I confess ). I took so some potato crisps, not the whole portion, just tiny bit, and I had sugary meal on the way home. All of them satisfied me a lot and seriously divine!! Luckily I could stop myself not eating them too much.

However, this week is really challenging. I miss my Nescafe coffee so bad. I don't mind cut the carbs for the whole two weeks but my coffee?? Ohh..it's killing me! It's my toughest challenge. I haven't have my coffee for 2 weeks now. It's like missing your boyfriend unti it hurts ( okay I probably exagerrating ). Don't know what will I do if this challenge finally accomplished.

Well, anyway..my diet is not compeletely ruined, I had grilled chicked salad with avocado, kiwi fruit, and not to forget my fat fighther : Lemon Water!! Cheers!

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