My Week 1 Progress (3 Weeks Muffin Top Challenge )

I didn't realize it's been one week that I decided to back on my low carb diet and with well planned exercise. For the record, I'm really happy with my result. There's no significant result on the weight but I'm cheering for the 1.5cm disappearance of my muffin top! Woot..woot...

Though I've had done low card diet before, doing it again now is still a challenge for. The first day is the toughest of course, the second day my body start to adjust and the next days are just easier for me to do. On the day 1, I only consume 250g of carbs, next day I lowered down to 200g, on the next day 175g until now, I maintain to 175g of carbs each day.

I go to the gym 4 times in a week, with combination of weight training, running and dancing. If I don't have my dance class, I run for 3km if I have class, I don't do running. Saturdays is my cardio day, when I have 3.5 running and 2 dance classes ( with 2 hours rest before my dance classes ).

This result surely motivate me to do more. Get myself more active, learning the right techniques when doing weight training, eat more sensible food. By the way for the last one week I've been tracking my food intake on

Since today ( Sunday ) is my whole day to rest my body, I limit my carbs intake just until 150g and more on protein.

I have 2 weeks to go to shed some kgs and banishing my muffin top. Wish me LUck!!

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