How Far Would You Go To Lose Weight? far would you go to lose weight? Starving yourself ? Never ending exercise? and if you have extra money perhaps you would go for surgery to get rid off the fats. I think those that I mentioned above are the common examples how women is very determined to lose weight. And...I thought the things I mentioned are already extreme enough. I wouldn't go there,definitely not.

While I was browsing about diet trends, foods and exercise, I stumbled upon to more extreme diets that actually exist in this world. The articles and the video how these diets are really shocking. The shocking part is there are actually people who are doing it.

I put top two extreme thing that people will do to lose weight. First is HCG diet. When I read and watch the video on YouTube about this type of diet, I was dumbfounded..I was like..'seriously?' It's a hormone injection. But not just any hormone, but it's hormone from pregnant woman's urine *straight face*. So this diet only allows you to eat just 500 calories a day! And you inject this hormone to make your body thinks you are pregnant ? *please correct me if I'm wrong*

The second one is tongue patch diet. Now this is also interesting, would you dare yourself to have a mesh to be sewn on to your tongue? and you can only have liquid food? what if you want to eat solid food? Will you be craving some more? Again, in the name of losing weight many still doing it.

If we have given the opportunity to do the both in order losing weight, would you dare to try it? I would not if you ask me. No matter the temptation to lose weight fast, I'm not going to do it. Well, yes..I need some improvement in my other body parts, but I don't think to go that far, do I ?

Yes, would be nice if you are thin then you can wear anything. But then again, will you be willing to pay big bucks just for the numbers on the scale?

What matters is being healthy and by being healthy you can stay happy and positive!

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