Muffin Top Challenge - 3 Days Recap

Although I can't really put my progress in daily basis, I'm proudly announce that my waist line is slimmed down. I haven't measured yet, have my trousers as my bench mark. Most of them are loose already, I think I'm back to my normal size. Now, I don't need to squeeze my abs to button my trousers.

I still have more clothes to fit on before I actually stop my muffin top challenge program. It's still going on, until I can fit to all my old clothes.

During my challenge, I found three new besties, they are avocados, edamame and lemon. Boy, they are my savior. Everyday, I take lemon water and to make my meal fulfilling I add extra avocados. They are tasty and divine. Avocados are good for anything, mix with chicken, tossed in salad, or as a dip.
I take edamame as my snack or whenever I have crave to munch something.

As for lemon, it really helps me burn more fat and great thirst quencher. I still have 10 days to do low carb        ( limiting less than 100g each day ), by the time I finish with 2 weeks low carb, I will start gradually consume the good carbs.

Staying positive! Expect nothing but the result.

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