Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes and Secondss

After months and weeks and days I haven't updated my blog with deepest sorry that I have to lose my title as "Suddenly Slimmer" and turn to "Suddenly Chubby" for couple of weeks. This happened because I'd been trying my old trousers again..and what came to surprise that they are all tighter than before. Well..I'm not supposed to be surprise if you see me eating like mad even though I still go to the gym for dance classes and running.

Just on Sunday, the force to getting back on track, eat the right food, planning my exercise, getting all motivated. and finding the spirit back. I'm back on doing researches about latest exercises, food, everything that I need to support me back as "Suddenly Slimmer".

So with motivation and determination as my allies, the journey is begun.

PS : this is not just for dieting and exercising but everything in life..

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