Adieu Vidal Gomez..It Had Been Six Amazing Years of Dancing

Vidal's farewell party 4/12/11
Six years back, I didn't know how to dance, I didn't know how to move, how to count in dancing. I was a new member back then. This Spanish guy named Vidal Gomez came along, and he was new instructor in Jakarta. Joined his strict but fun classes from Latin dance, Celebrity Sculpt and Step. He's very expressive person until now. He told us how to let it out in dancing, how to become someone else when we dance, everything !

Vidal's last class at Celebrity Fitness PIM 2
I joined almost his classes, I loved and until now love his classes. He just has his own charisma, his own way to bring the best energy in the class. When I had all the break ups, I just joined his classes and everything turned out better. I learned a lot from him. Now, the six years has past. He's not getting any younger, he decided to take a break and move to Kuala Lumpur ( still in the same gym ). Six years seems very fast ( time flies when you are having fun ). One whole month, I chased him all the way, went to different clubs just to see him. You know, when someone is leaving, nothing you can do beside spending the time you have with that person. Same with Vidal. No matter how tired I was, I dragged myself to his classes. Six years of chasing him to different clubs, there was time I even got warning letter from my previous employer because I often ran away from work.

Last class at FX
Well, the time for him to go is finally arrive, I couldn't hold my tears running down from my eyes ( even when I'm writing this I can't help myself from crying ). He's always been my all time favorite instructor. My very first dance teacher. I wouldn't know how to dance if not because of him. Now, I can teach my friends how dance thanks to him. He always be missed, I will miss his classes. I know I have to move on, but I'll dwell for his departure for one week. Just one week. Then move on.
Adieu Vidal Gomez....six amazing years of dancing!!

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