Last Day of 2011: Being Healthy Never Waits

Accompanied by the sound of rain from outside, my cup of sugar free coffee and I thought it's a perfect time to write an article.

So, today is the last day of 2011, a lot people are already preparing their new years's resolutions. Same like last year, this year I didn't wait until 2012 to start a better and healthier life. When I decided to start then it starts, I don't wait.

Starting a healthier life doesn't wait the day to pass by, the minute you realized it, the right minute you start. Don't say.."oh..I'll start my diet tomorrow and today I'll have my favorite cake" or "Tomorrow I'm going to start dieting, so today I can have anything I want".

The opportunity to live healthier is given each day, there's no special day to start a healthy life. You might not start at all. New Year is only one of moments to kick start, but why not start earlier ? Don't wait for 2012 or 2013 or the next years to have healthy life.

Happy New Year Anyway...

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