Going Bold for 2 Weeks Total Low Carb Diet - Day 1

After 1 week decreasing my carb intake to just 175g per day, I'm rising the bar to a very low carb diet for just 2 weeks.

Today is the first day, for the first time after years and years I give up my favorite Nescafe French Vanilla *ouch* . Very tough indeed, I feel soo sleepy. My brain is not connected to real world, I felt not awakened yet. I hope that's just my mind set. I don't feel hungry, just very sleepy because I have to really give up my Nescafe french vanilla.

For breakfast, I ate lettuce with pan seared beef patties, tofu cubes and beansprout. Quite fullfiling although I missed my coffee.

At snack time, I had raw carrot sticks, canned tuna and lettuce. Because I couldn't help myself not having coffee, I changed my coffee to just semi black coffee with no sugar, just some tiny drops of low fat milk. Oh boy..I'm awakened already.

My lunch meal still consist of high protein and no carb. It was only sauteed beansprout, spinach and tempeh. If I get hungry among the 3 main meal times, I just much peanuts or carrot sticks.

My first day on very low carb is quite daunting, but I stay positive and just get on with it.

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Dharla said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.