How Can I Resist Burger King?

Call it as guilty pleasure. Last night, after 2 hours of exercise and 1 body combat class, the power of Burger King was calling me. My feet instantly moving to the restaurant.

Yep, I should've been exercise first then have those junk food. But, I haven't have junk food for 2 months now. So I guess it's alright *justifying myself mode*

I know too that Burger King is not a healthy choice for dinner. It's high in sugar ( free flow of frozen coke, with same price ),high in simple carbohydrates, high in fat, high sodium. None of them are good for the body.

In my defense, now I go to the gym 5 times a week. So having guilty pleasure it's fine once and a while. As long not everyday or every week..make it like every month or so.

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