I Need Some Serious Dancing

Yeap, I need some dancing here. It has been too much weight training and just body combat. And this week was supposed to be "dance week" for me. But I only made it one, which was last Monday.
On Tuesday and Thursday when I usually have my dance classes, the instructors are covered with lame ones. So, I didn't bother to join. However, I used my time in the gym to do weight training.

Today is Sunday, I very often go to the gym on Sundays..but today is just so boring and I don't feel like carrying my heavy gym bag. It's been many weeks of Sunday I have never absent going to the gym and do Body Combat. Now, I get too fed up and I need dancing!!

My mood hasn't been good as well. I really need dancing. Dancing releases my stress, express myself, somehow dancing is the bond between me and friends. Dancing is always been good exercise for me.

Ohh..I need dancing, especially hip hop. I saw Step Up 3D the other day and how I want to dance.

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