OMG I Haven't Been Posting Anything!!!!

Ohhh my gosh...shame on me...claiming myself has a passion in writing but has been ages not to post in my own blog. Shame...shame..what a shame. But at least I have valid reason why I haven't been posting :

1. Simply because I ran out of ideas what to write
2. I was too lazy to write
3. I've been busy to write

A news flash for you I'm teaching salsa and kickboxing for my fellow colleagues. Well..umm...the money not so good, but it's a good experience and challenge to teach something that I really like. However, how to teach salsa and kickboxing are in my list what of I need to learn.

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Ismail N said...

Salsa... I need to get a DVD on that, my wife would love it. Should be a fun way to exercise. I play badminton, futsal and jog at least once a week, but find that it's not enough to maintain a healthy and lean body. Stressful & hectic life is the culprit. But I try to take care of my diet as well. Still, it's a challenge to be healthy. Keep writing ya!