In Love for Running

Although I know the benefits of running, I've had never fancy running. When my trainer taught me how to run properly, I still didn't have the interest to run for longer than 15 minutes. Running was a dreadful thing for me.

It all started when I had more time in the gym and I got bored with the classes. So, slowly I increase my time on treadmill, I did it by 5 minutes each time. With same speed but run longer. I did it every time I run. Next week, I increase the speed with same time length.

Without realizing it, I have already set some goals for myself. By the weeks go by, I can run for 45 minutes without stopping. My best time was 7km with 50 minutes of running...Not bad eh?

Now, every time I go to the gym I always spare 30 minutes on the treadmill for running, even though I have classes after wards.

Anyway, as a beginner runner, I've got some tips to share :
  • Start easy and start with short duration.
  • Focus on how long you can run and not the intensity
  • Progress gradually
  • Set a goal every week
  • Last but not least, be patient. It takes time to be a good runner, especially for long distance. I'm still learning to be long distance runner.
Well, I hope my post today will give more motivation to run. Cheers!!

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