Exericising at Home

What a bugger for this morning, woke up early and ready for my gym. I defeated my laziness by still keeping it positive and march to the gym. I imagined running for 3km, and do total body workout ( because it's Sunday, and usually the machines are not used by so many members ). It was probably not a good start, when I got there the gym was still closed and there was a notice says "Will be open at 14.00"..I was like 'oh mann...'

I didn't want to wait until 14.00, so went back home and just decided to have exercise at home. My mind was already set to exercise,so when the gym closed, it didn't stop me at all.

For a start, I opened YouTube and checked up some dance exercise,and I found Ritmix 17 Flamenco is very interesting to start. So, I did that for 30 minutes. Then, I continued with abdominal exercises, from stand up crunch, obelique, and lower abs exercise. Finished with the abs, I did another 30 minutes of Body Combat ( I have downloaded some of Body Combat videos from YOuTube ), then wrapped my exercise with good morning for my back. 

Considered what I've done today, I guess there should be no excuse not to exercise. You don't really need to go to gym just for exercise. It's simple, low cost and easy to do.

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Anonymous said...

Most of a players power will come from core and legs. Abdominal workouts are apparently good for core. I prefer pole twists along with any other rotating abdominal core workout. This will allow the muscles to become more accustomed to moving in a manner similar to the hitting motion.